This iconic sign greets visitors coming into our great city, but what about those driving here in a moving truck?

More and more people from California are relocating to Southern Nevada each month for a more affordable way of life. Housing Prices are less (Median House Price is $285K), Taxes are less ($0 State Income Tax), Less than 1% Property Tax, and an overall cost of living that’s less!

For those of who have grown up in Las Vegas the secret is definitely out! Our Economy is strong, Jobs are plentiful, and there are Housing Options! Curious on a move to Las Vegas/Henderson and wanting to see how far your dollar will stretch in a Vegas way of life? Contact us today for a current housing list.

Want to learn more about why so many people are moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas? Listen to this recent episode of the Vegas Life Podcast:

When Bad Real Estate Listing Pics Attack!

When you hire TRUE Real Estate Professionals like Rebarchick Real Estate, you get true professional pictures for your listing for FREE! After all, great pictures of your home help us increase the number of potential buyers that want to visit the home. Bad pictures equal bad traffic. Over the years we’ve seen some pretty terrible pictures so we decided to create “When Listing Pics Attack” on social media through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sellers should know that hiring the wrong representation can scare buyers from wanting to see your home after seeing just a few of the pictures online. Just like Head & Shoulders tells us, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. What kind of confidence can you have in your Realtor with negotiating if they can’t get the pictures right?

Below are actual pictures from recent listings:

bad listing pic 1 bad listing pic 2

Have you seen a really bad home listing pic somewhere? Let us know!

Have Home Prices gone past YOUR Budget?

Las Vegas home prices, sales climb again at start of 2018

It’s not a secret that we’ve been battling a shortage of homes here in Southern Nevada for a number of years now and in typical “Sales 101” fashion the lack of supply has driven up home prices. With rental costs increasing and mortgage interest rates remaining near historic lows, more and more people are looking into buying a home. The problem that they’re finding is that the prices may have increased past their buying power.

A recent Las Vegas Review-Journal Article confirmed that from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2017 the median house price has increased by 14% to $267,900. With the continued low inventory there does not seem to be an end in site.

If you’re considering Buying a home in 2018 contact us today at (702) 501-8726! Don’t let home prices go past your budget and miss out on the American Dream!


If you haven’t already heard, it’s a Seller’s Market that’s HOT HOT HOT right now! With the right representation (yours truly) it seems as though listings are going into contract within 48 hours after hitting the market.  We continue to have a shortage of inventory and the demand is outpacing the supply.

The photo for this blog is from one of our latest listings. We had 10 offers in less than 24 hours and almost immediately opened escrow!

We’ve found that a properly priced home is seeing multiple offers that could actually drive the price up. That strategy has helped us avoid overpricing the home causing it to sit on the market longer than expected.  A house that sits on the market causes some Buyers to ask, “What’s wrong with it that it’s been on the market (blank) days?” …and they’re absolutely right. If the house needs some TLC, you’ll need to properly price it. If it’s absolutely turnkey, you’ll need to properly price it. If it’s somewhere in the middle, you’ll need to properly price it.

Let us help you with coming up with a proper pricing and maximize the profit when selling your home. Contact us anytime. (702) 501-8726 or

Getting a Home Loan in Las Vegas – Q&A With a Local Expert Mike Cornachio

Recently I met with Mike Cornachio, Branch Manager and Loan Officer with local lender Castle & Cooke Mortgage, and discussed some tips in getting a home loan. We covered a variety of items (credit requirements, job requirements, timeline, etc.) and we decided to film a little Q & A segment to help Buyers out there with the process of applying for a home loan.

Mike has helped numerous clients of mine in the past and not only does he have access to some of the best interest rates around, his fees are some of the lowest offered!

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Q&A With Commissioner Steve Sisolak

Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak — one of the people most responsible for the Raiders-to-Vegas move — recently visited the Las Vegas stadium site to talk about the 2 billion dollar project. He covered a handful of topics and brought up a few interesting points…

The Parking Problem

The current location doesn’t have nearly enough parking for a 65,000-seat football stadium. It’s solvable but the solutions are all pretty expensive. The team will need to buy one or two nearby properties, turn them into parking garages, and develop a plan to shuttle people back-and-forth between the stadium.

Officials hope the Las Vegas Monorail can be extended to a nearby location, so large volumes of fans can be dropped off and only have a short walk to the stadium. Uber and Lyft are also expected to play a big role in getting people to the site.

UNLV Football

Part of the $750 million deal Las Vegas made with the Raiders is to allow UNLV to play their home football games in the stadium. The Rebels have been playing at an old, run-down stadium on the edge of Vegas for many years. Now they’ll be in a world-class stadium, which officials hope helps get them into a Power 5 conference.

No matter what, having such an amazing stadium should help with recruiting big time!

A Better Community

The addition of a $2 billion stadium is expected to help “build a better community” for all Southern Nevadans. Everyone from UNLV students to local construction workers to Vegas families should see major benefits from the project.

Tourism Boost

City leaders expect a year-around boost in tourism after the stadium is completed. “Raider Nation” fans from California and around the country will come by the 1000s, obviously, but so will the visiting team’s many hardcore fans.

Concerts and other sporting events are expected to keep the stadium full even when the NFL isn’t in town. There’s even talk of bringing the World Cup to Vegas one day. The “opportunities are endless” in terms of what the complex can be used for!

Bali Hai Golf Club

The large golf course across highway I-15 from the stadium location would make an ideal parking complex, so many people are wondering why the Raiders don’t just buy it. But the situation is actually fairly complex due to legal issues related to ownership and unpaid taxes.

Some interesting trivia: the land is actually controlled by famous sports gambler Billy Walters, who was just sentenced to 5 years in prison for insider trading.

Have a question or comment? Looking for help buying a home in Las Vegas or Henderson? Leave a comment below or give us a call today!

Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Update: FAA Gives the Green Light!

las vegas raiders stadium image


IT’S OFFICIAL: A pro football stadium is coming to Las Vegas!

That’s because, after months of waiting (and, we assume, world-class cajoling) the Federal Aviation Administration has approved the plans for the new Las Vegas Raiders stadium.

This was vital because the stadium location is surprisingly close to McCarran International, the nation’s 8th busiest airport. In fact, it’s only about a mile and a half away!

But the FAA put their best brains on the “problem” and came to the conclusion that the tallest parts of the stadium, which will measure just under 230 feet in height, won’t pose a risk to the 1000s of commercial jetliners and military aircraft that arrive every year.

The FAA green light opened the door for a unanimous project approval vote by the Clark County Commission, allowing them to issue construction permits to get this massive project underway.

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak — one of the biggest and earlier proponents of the Oakland-to-Vegas Raiders move — was understandably happy:

Now we just need to solve the parking problems. 🙂

Bottom Line: A potentially MAJOR hurdle has been overcome and the new Vegas NFL stadium is on schedule. If all goes well, the team will be playing their first season here in 2020!

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Is this the Biggest Real Estate SCAM in Las Vegas?!?!

Lately I’ve noticed a number of advertised websites that are offering the convenience of selling your home with one click of a mouse on your computer. These websites (Offerpad, Opendoor, Zillow Instant Offers, etc.) are stating that they’ll offer a competitive sales price for your home and are able to close on your property within days. The problem…..their “competitive offer” is up to 20% less than market value! Their intentions are to pay less than market value and either flip the property for a profit or to underpay for your home and rent it out increasing their rate of return on their investment.

In this Seller’s market where we’re challenged with the lack of inventory, why oh why would anyone be willing to take less than market value?!?! Not only that but the additional service charge from a couple of these companies is anywhere from 6%-12%! Please stick with a local REALTOR® when considering to sell your home. We know the market, we know values, and we have your best interest in mind.

Contact me for a free no-obligation property profile so I can show you what your house would sell for in this market.

Here’s a quick video I did when I use an example of some of our in contract listings that got 20% by not using one of those services.

The Las Vegas Raiders Real Estate Boom Kicks Off With Massive Land Investment

rendering of new Las Vegas Raiders stadium

Like the 2017 NFL preseason, the Las Vegas Raiders real estate boom has officially begun.

An investment group called Global Trust Group just bought 2.5 acres of land right next to the new Raiders stadium site… for $7.25 million. That’s almost 3 million dollars per acre — about 6 times the average price of land in Southern Nevada right now!

That’s a lot of money but, given the popularity of the Raiders and the excitement surrounding their move to Sin City, this deal could lead to a huge windfall for the new owners.

Here are a few more interesting facts about this big commercial real estate deal:

  • No one knows yet exactly what the new owners plan to do with the land
  • There were no “preconditions” for the deal, meaning the buyers didn’t require project approvals from Clark County to finalize the deal (evidence that they may plan to re-sell it instead of developing it)
  • Immediately after acquiring the property, the new owners posted a sign that says “Create and defend wealth” which sounds like a solid investment strategy to be honest
  • There’s a 1.8-acre parcel adjacent to this parcel that’s tangled up in legal problems (and purported to be haunted)
  • Global Trust Group beat out 6 other qualified prospective buyers to get the land

Construction on the new Raiders stadium is expected to start within the next 5 months and finish before the 2020 NFL season begins. We expect several more large land deals to happen within the next year as demand skyrockets for both commercial and residential real estate near the Raiders’ new home.

Now that someone has paid nearly $3 million per acre, you can expect every property owner in the area to be posting “For Sale” signs very soon.

Want your own piece of “Raiders real estate” in Las Vegas? Now is the time to buy before home prices go up even more. Contact us today!


(h/t LVRJ)

Image courtesy of Manica Architecture

8 Insider Tips for Buying a Home in Las Vegas’ Tight Market [Summer 2017]

We know very well how hard it is to buy a home in the Las Vegas valley right now. In fact, the local housing market is as “tight” as it’s been in years. Home inventory is down and prices are up.

You need to have a proven strategy to compete in this “buyer’s market.” So here are 8 of our best tips and tricks for buying a Las Vegas or Henderson, NV home in 2017:

1) Work with an experienced agent – Don’t waste your time (or money) dealing with realtors who don’t have extensive experience in the local market.

2) Adjust your criteria – In a tight market like this it’s best to be flexible. You might be pleasantly surprised!

3) Get pre-approved for a loan asap – It’s vitally important to know what your “buying power” is and to determine what monthly payment you’re comfortable with.

4) Have an offer strategy – Look at accurate comparables (“comps”) and develop a good offer strategy to avoid wasting your time and/or money!

5) Act fast – In a “buyer’s market” you need to move fast. As soon as you find a home you like, you need to jump on it.

6) Make a strong offer – Making a strong offer can improve your chances of getting the home.

7) Work with the home inspection results – Don’t be afraid of “fixer upper” homes.

8) Stay encouraged – It’s easy to become discouraged in this type of market but there’s no reason to, especially if you have the help of a top real estate agent!

Contact us today so we can help you find your Southern Nevada dream home!