Is this the Biggest Real Estate SCAM in Las Vegas?!?!

Lately I’ve noticed a number of advertised websites that are offering the convenience of selling your home with one click of a mouse on your computer. These websites (Offerpad, Opendoor, Zillow Instant Offers, etc.) are stating that they’ll offer a competitive sales price for your home and are able to close on your property within days. The problem…..their “competitive offer” is up to 20% less than market value! Their intentions are to pay less than market value and either flip the property for a profit or to underpay for your home and rent it out increasing their rate of return on their investment.

In this Seller’s market where we’re challenged with the lack of inventory, why oh why would anyone be willing to take less than market value?!?! Not only that but the additional service charge from a couple of these companies is anywhere from 6%-12%! Please stick with a local REALTORĀ® when considering to sell your home. We know the market, we know values, and we have your best interest in mind.

Contact me for a free no-obligation property profile so I can show you what your house would sell for in this market.

Here’s a quick video I did when I use an example of some of our in contract listings that got 20% by not using one of those services.

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