Home is Possible: 10 Things to Know About the NV Grant Program

Nevada's Home is Possible Grant Program

We are really excited about Nevada’s new Home is Possible grant program. If you’re interested in getting “free money” to help you buy a home in Las Vegas or Henderson, you owe it to yourself to learn about this incredible new home buyers assistance program!

Here are the 10 most important things to know…

1. Home is Possible grants provide up to four percent of a home loan’s value to be used for down payment and closing costs assistance.

2. These grants never need to be repaid!

3. There is not first-time home buyer requirement to qualify for this program.

4. There are no asset limits for buyers.

5. Fixed interest rate 30-year loans qualify. (Don’t forgot about those still-low mortgage rates!)

6. The grant money can only be used on a primary residence purchase.

7. You must have a minimum credit score of 640 for government insured loans, 660 for manufactured homes, or 680 for conventional loans

8. Your qualifying income on your mortgage app must be below $95,500

9. Home purchases of $400,000 and below qualify for the program.

10. You must take a short and simply “homebuyer education” course to be eligible.

That’s it! There’s a very good chance you qualify for the Home is Possible Nevada grant program. Just contact us today to learn more!

Watch these videos to learn more:

Home Is Possible lender info here

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