When Bad Real Estate Listing Pics Attack!

When you hire TRUE Real Estate Professionals like Rebarchick Real Estate, you get true professional pictures for your listing for FREE!¬†After all, great pictures of your home help us increase the number of potential buyers that want to visit the home. Bad pictures equal bad traffic. Over the years we’ve seen some pretty terrible pictures so we decided to create “When Listing Pics Attack” on social media through¬†Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sellers should know that hiring the wrong representation can scare buyers from wanting to see your home after seeing just a few of the pictures online. Just like Head & Shoulders tells us, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. What kind of confidence can you have in your Realtor with negotiating if they can’t get the pictures right?

Below are actual pictures from recent listings:

bad listing pic 1 bad listing pic 2

Have you seen a really bad home listing pic somewhere? Let us know!