Jumping Off the 2nd Floor Deck for a Seven Hills Real Estate Client

When it comes to satisfying my Las Vegas valley real estate clients, I’ll do pretty much whatever it takes. I’ll go above and beyond to leave a smile on every client’s face.

Want me to find you a palatial Spanish eclectic dream home in Henderson? I’ll do it.

Need me to get you the best possible deal on a family home with a big back yard, within a mile of a dog park, in Summerlin? No problem.

Want to sell your home fast, for top dollar… and then watch me launch myself off of the 2nd-story deck into the pool? Consider it done!

jumping into a Seven Hills, Henderson, NV pool from the top deck!

Recently I had a listing on European Drive, a great street in Seven Hills, Henderson, NV. It was a beautiful remodeled house that I knew could fetch a fantastic price. In fact, I believed it so strongly that I made a guarantee to the Owner:

I would sell it quickly and for the maximum possible price… and then I would jump into the home’s pool from the top deck.

As you can see from the photo above, I’m a man of my word!

As soon as we had confirmation that the sale had gone through, I ran up to the 2nd floor deck, climbed over the railing, and jumped off.

Maybe not the smartest or safest thing for a Vegas real estate agent to be doing. But, to be honest, I didn’t need that much convincing. Yes, I was happy to have delivered for my client… but it was also over 100 degrees that day so the water felt GREAT!


Here are a couple of “after shots”…

hitting the water
Great splash!
cooling off
Feels great!

Want to see which crazy thing I’ll do next? Then follow the Rebarteam on Facebook and watch this blog!!

– Mike

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