Summer Break is Almost Over!

a Las Vegas valley summer thunderstorm

At this point during the summertime, our kids (like most) are counting down the days left before having to go back to school.

Parents on the other hand realize that there are only so many days left to get their children into that new school zone and they’re making that last push to find the right new Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson home.

With a majority of homes closing escrow with an average period of 30 days there’s still time to make it happen! In fact most schools will allow registering for the rezoning while you’re in the purchase contract period to avoid your child from having to switch schools so early in the school year.

The first step in the relocation process is to work with REALTORS® that give you the best possible chance to find that perfect home and get the best possible deal while taking your timeline into consideration. That’s where Kandis and I are able to help!

We have a proven system in place that will ensure that your new home won’t be missed while making the change of environment as easy as possible for your family!

To help with the timeline we surround ourselves with a team of professionals that share our same work ethic and dedication for your success. These include loan officers, escrow officers, and home inspectors that will assist with the short timeframe.

Contact “The Rebar Team” today to get startedSummer is almost over!



4th of July in Las Vegas photo by James Marvin Phelps

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